12/17/2021 | newsletter

I’m Back

It has been way too long since we last talked, but I hope you’ve been charging forward to the end of the year and not waiting to set your goals until the new year begins! Read more

12/01/2021 | announcements

Get Ready for World of Tanks Holiday Ops

Yes, it's finally happening! I’ve teamed up with World of Tanks and together we've created a truly magical Holiday story, just in time for my upcoming arrival in the game! Read more

11/11/2021 | issues

My Heroes

Actions speak louder than words so I stopped at my favorite pizza place, got pizzas for all of our great men and women on veterans row and I had the best time thanking all of them for their service. Read more

10/09/2021 | newsletter

This Month I’m Getting Straight to the Point

It's so important to declare a victory every day, whether you went on a long walk, pumped iron, finished a great project at work, studied in school, or spent quality time with your children or grandchildren. Just declare victory every single day, and take the time to celebrate yourself. Read more